Thanks to All of our Friends, Supporters and Volunteers who helped care for our Therapy Horses in 2013! 



Our horses cost $56,000 per year to feed and care for.  Our facility, insurance and utilities cost $61,450 per year.  Office expenses, program costs and volunteer resources cost $31,100.  Currently, we have no paid staff and operate with nearly 100 weekly volunteers, but we need to hire a full-time development specialist and two part-time stable and office assistants.  This brings our total annual budget to $232,490.00.

Keeping lessons affordable is imperative to our students and families, therefore, we only charge $35.00 per lesson.  Lesson fees generate about $40,000.00 per year, which means we must raise over $192,000.00 from donors.

This program is life changing for so many people with disabilities.  

Please help us keep our farm and serve those who benefit from our program.

White Pine Stables Therapeutic Riding Center (TRC) is located on 15 acres just north of Columbus, OH, and provides equine assisted activities to all age groups with a variety of special needs. Founded in 2007, White Pine Stables TRC is an established nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization.

Our Mission:Empowering individuals to overcome challenges through equine assisted activities

Where to Find Us

Our Address: 7037 Plumb Rd, Galena, OH 43021

Here's a link to our location:

Map to White Pine Stables



As an entirely volunteer-run organization, we appreciate your patience in becoming involved with our program.  Conducting safe, effective lessons is our primary concern, and we enroll as many students as we can accommodate.

Thank-you for your understanding and patience!